Turkish Market

Merksteiner Mega Markt
Geilenkirchener Strasse 361
52134 Herzogenrath
Tel: 01633 338 058

Wow. A real gem – especially if you are a foodie or cook international dishes. This market is small, but packed with a lot of great finds and fantastic prices!

  • Really fresh dried spices for half the price you pay at the commissary
  • Tahini, paprika paste, sambal ooleck, and many other specialty foods for Turkish, Indian, and other middle eastern/Asian dishes.
  • Nice selection of grains and rices, bulgar in various sizes, red, yellow, and green lentils
  • Marinated peppers and other great veggies in jars – delicious sun dried tomatoes!
  • Turkish coffee and tea, Turkish tea pots and tea glasses.
  • Fresh produce hand picked by the shop owner each morning – I picked some lettuce and the lady at the cash register went and exchanged it for a fresher one.

They speak German well and of course, Turkish. English is slim, but many of the food labels have a “GB” English translation.

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