Schaffrath – furniture and decoration/gift shop

Another really fun gift shop – this one is HUGE – and is actually a furniture store, BUT on the side is the Boutique where they have Leonardo glass, Rosenthal bags, kitchen things, linens, beautiful decor items, candles, and these fun 100 year old roof tiles converted into candle holders/vases.

*Borsigstraße 40a
52525 Heinsberg
Tel.: 02452 – 967040
Open: Mo. – Fr. 10:00 – 19:00; Sat 10:00 – 18:00

*This is the only address that I could find… my receipt doesn’t even have an address on it. But, the address above is for the Schaffrath kitchen store which is the smaller store directly across the street from the boutique. There is actually a street perpendicular to the shop on Borsigstrasse, and that is the side of the block where the boutique is.

Basic directions. From 221 follow it north until it ends. Do not take the city center turn off. You’re just staying on it until it completely ends. Turn right at the signal. At (I think the next signal) after you drive under the highway, there is a turn to the left. In front of you there is a BIG sign that says “Schaffrath.” Turn left. You will see a large building with the Schaffrath sign on the left. Take that left turn just after the building and park on the side. The boutique is there.

Sadly, they don’t take credit cards.

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