Dusseldorf Altstadt and the Kö

Dusseldorf is neatly divided into nice little districts making its exploration really quite easy. One area that I’d heard really a lot about it the Altstadt. It was supposed to be the old, beautiful, quaint area. And, may be that’s true on the weekdays… may be. But on the weekend, especially a nice one when the current soccer team is on a winning streak, not so much.

According to Wikipedia, Dusseldorf’s Altstadt is also known as “the longest bar in the world” with over 300 bars and discos within the small borough. So, if you’re heading out for a day/night on the town and you have an appreciation for all things hops, this might be perfect for you. (http://www.duesseldorf-altstadt.de)

If; however, you are looking for a quiet time, head elsewhere. This is not a great area for children. The waterfront is a cement pathway loaded up with restaurants and crowds. We had the misfortune of showing up on a Sunday – the day of a massive futbol party in the market square AND the gay pride parade.

Just in from the water’s edge, you’ll see signs for the Kö, short for Königsallee, a quiet street with high end shops, nice restaurants and coffee shops (including Starbucks), rows of tall trees, and a little canal that runs the length of the street. This area is peaceful, shaded, and quiet. Though it still doesn’t have a lot for children aside from an ice cream shop or two, at least it’s quiet. This is where the shopping is – a shoppers paradise. http://www.koenigsallee-duesseldorf.de

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