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Local food in the Alsace: Meats with saurkraut, chicken with spaetzle, salad with warm brie, tarte flambee. A tarte flambee is a large crispy tortilla-like thing covered in various things like a pizza – but not thick. So a thin spread of cheese and may be a little ham or chopped veggies. They are light and tasteful – a quick, easy, and inexpensive meal option. Here, as in most of France, you can find delicious Creme Brulee. Most have a simple vanilla flavor, but some will have the flavor of some of their sweeter local wines.

Auberge des Lavandieres
48 Grand’ Rue
68750 Bergheim
Tel: 03 89 7. 69 96

Review: This was by far my favorite place to eat in Bergheim. Located just one block in from the main town gate in a lavender building, this small restaurant has seating upstairs, downstairs, and on the patio. Delicious food, very friendly service, and a beautiful atmosphere, this place books fast! Our first night here we wanted to eat here because the smells coming from inside were quite inviting! But it was fully booked, so we returned early in the evening on a different day. We were short on time, so couldn’t take advantage of the menu, but this last meal in the area turned out to be the best – the best salads and the best tarte flambees. I am sure the rest of the menu is also good. Do go. The waitress was so friendly and helpful.

La Cave Du Bailli
57, Grande Rue
Tel : 00 33 (0)389 73 73 46

Review: Part of the Cour Du Bailli establishment that contains a gift shop, hotel, spa, and nearby winery, La Cave Du Bailli is certainly convenient. Just within the gate on the right, the atmosphere and service are great and the food is good. Book in advance. On weekends especially, this place books up completely, so you can’t just walk in when you feel hungry and expect a table. Lunch here is the courtyard is quick and easy though – good place to stop for something quick.

Winstub l’Altenberg
14 place du Dr Walter
Tel: 03 89 73 73 97

Review: In the market area in front of the Hotel de Ville, this place was full of more locals than tourists and had that comfortable family feel to it. People obviously knew each other there, so it was fun to sit and observe, relax in an atmosphere that wasn’t fancy or formal, and eat food that was truly local and good. Chicken cordon bleu was delicious. My daughter had a whole trout which she loved. It was all yummy. And, the most amazing thing was the creme brulee with geranium liqueur. Uh – showstopping. The chef makes his own geranium liqueur for this dessert and sadly does not sell it. But, wow! Worth a try. I could happily sit there for hours with cappuccino and this dessert.

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