The Dutch have taken pancakes to a whole new level. Their pannekoeken are thin like crepes and can be topped with anything! Fruit, whipped cream, ice cream, shots of sweet liquors, gyros, ham, cheese, vegetables… it’s endless. The problem is deciding which one.

So pannekoeken is almost always a great treat where ever you might be in the Netherlands, and, if you’re looking for a place here, there’s a great chain called the Pannekoeken Bakker that have a couple of restaurants not far from us. An amazing variety on their menu, great service, always something special for kids, and they take credit cards.

The Thorn location has a play room down stairs. The Maaseik location gives tokens to the kids that they can collect for big prizes or cash in right away for small ones. They all have menus with crayons that keep little ones busy.

Thorn and Masseik… plus a bunch of others.

There’s also a great pannekoeken place in Gulpen that is not a part of the above chain, but has a nice outdoor playground – perfect for fair weather days.

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