Windmills on the German side

Windmill at Breberen

The tower windmill in Breberen is one of the most beautiful monuments of the region, restored as it is. To the left of the street between Breberen and Bocket. The hood of the mill, to which the wings are fastened, could originally be turned from the outside depending on wind direction, by long bars. Guided tour for groups of 10 to 40 persons possible.

Info: Käserei Tholen / Kollweider Hof, 52538 Breberen
Tel.: 02454-7422

Cheese factory Tholen Kollweider Hof
Kollweider Hof
52538 Breberen
Tel.: 02454-7422
Web: Kollweiderhof

Cheese factory at the Kollweiderhof since 1996. This small agricultural business produces cheese, out of 1000 litres of milk daily (their own cows). Sales of farmers cheese, white cheese, camembert, herb quark, yoghurt and as a speciality raw milk cheese at the house and on weekly markets. Guided tour for groups of 10 to 40 persons on apointment. Info Tel.: 02454-7422 Fax.: 02454-8715. Costs: 2 € each person older than 12. Visiting the historical windmill is possible.

Windmill at Waldfeucht-Haaren
Miller: Mr. Tholen 02455-1872
Tel: 02455-1872

Next to Waldfeucht you find the 3rd mill along our mill-steet routing from Breberen to Heinsberg. One of the few, functional tower mills in our region. Eine Visits are possible on appointment. During some weekends you will have a chance to observe the miller working in his traditional way and you have the opportunity bringing your own grain and watch the process.

Windmill Haaren
Elsig Strasse; Haaren
Tel: 02455-3990
Miller: Haarener Mühle

Outside of Haaren you will find one of the few grain mills of the region, still ready for operation.
If you like to visit the mill, you have to contact the miller first. You can purchase different flours besides other products from the production in the attached shop (Mühlenladen). Further information you will find (in 3 languages) on the web page.

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