Used Furniture (or How to get rid of your junk at the end of your tour)

Where do you find used furniture? Something inexpensive and simple that will just last long enough until you move?

Or, where do get rid of these things when it’s time to get that weight down???  Getting rid of your junk can be difficult in a land of no garage sales.

Here are a few options:

  • Thift shops! Check the thrift shops at GK and Schinnen. The GK thrift shop is located behind the gas station. The thrift shop at Schinnen is next to the post office and commissary.
  • Browse the Boards! There is an almost constant flow of people going out as people are coming in and so those bulletin boards around all the bases are full of flyers listing furniture, houses, transformers, appliances and many other items that people are trying to get rid of quickly and inexpensively. You’ll find good deals here.
  • RD4 (Bis-Bis or Kringloop): A chain of Dutch thrift shops in this area that can be a lot of fun! You’ll find inexpensive furnature and antiques as well. Decent prices and a continually rotating stock.
  • GK Swap and JFC Brunssum Freecycle: Both excellet resources. GK Swap is a listing goods and services. Freecycle is just that – everything listed is FREE!
  •  GK Yard Sale!  Every other Saturday, every summer, there’s a yard sale in the dental clinic parking lot at GK.  The Skywatch and Tri-Border Reporter will have all of the details.  If you’re selling, just show up early and set up.  If you’re shopping, well, you know what to do!  You’ll find a little bit of everything and meet some really great people as well.

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