TR&TA! Sushi and Fish in Sittard

Voorstad 30
6131CR Sittard
Tel: 0031-046-45-29-503
Open: Mon, Wed-Sat 1100-2200; Sun 1600-2200 (Shopping Sundays opens at 1100)
Closed on Tuesdays

Delicious!! This is the best Sushi place I’ve been to in a while. Close to the market in Sittard with plenty of parking nearby, TR&TA satisfied my sushi craving and will bring me back for more. The atmosphere is fantastic – modern and clean, classy and elegant. Beautiful water fountains and a nice fireplace with couches around it. The service was excellent and the food – amazing.

The menu has both hot fish dishes and sushi and though we stuck with the sushi menu, all the dishes that came by us looked absolutely beautiful. They definitely do presentation well.

The bites in the photo were a free sample brought to us before our meal – a special treat for Valentine’s weekend. Tasty and a nice touch.

The saffron soup (saffraansoep met roodbaarsfilet) was light, creamy, flavorful, and delicious. It wet my appetite without spoiling it.

I had the Catarratto – medium white wine. Light, delicious. Not dry nor sweet. Excellent with my meal.

We ordered the 16 piece Sashimi Menu and the TR&TA 20 piece sushi menu and split it. It was enough for two very hungry adults. There were a few rolls on the sushi menu, but mostly sashimi, large strips of fish without rice, and a delicious avocado cone. Everything was wonderful. The salmon especially had a spectacular flavor that almost temped us into ordering more. My only gripe is that I could have used a bit more ginger, but I could have asked for more and I’m sure they would have brought it. Beware of the wasabi. It’s good, but hotter than most I’ve had before, so a little goes a long way!

For dessert we ordered the chocolademousse – three mounds of chocolate mousse with a light vanilla sauce and some crunchy dessert wafers on top. The cappuccinos are as amazing as the rest of the menu.

Will I go there again? Definitely. Service, atmosphere, food… all excellent. And, the prices really aren’t as bad as I expected. The drinks aren’t inflated like many restaurants, so although the 20 piece plate cost 24.50, the total bill with appetizers and dessert was far less than meals at other restaurants.

Location – near the market square, but on a regular road, there is street side parking, but there are also two huge parking lots (free ones) just a couple blocks away. If you’re standing in the market and walk down the pedestrian street that is on the other side of the square from the V&D – walk all the way down that street until you reach a real road. You’ll see Thai Garden. TR&TA is just a couple blocks down from Thai Garden on the left.

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  1. Anonymous February 4, 2012 3:27 pm #

    worst sushi i have ever had, not sure where these other folks have been but i have never had worse

  2. Anonymous April 23, 2009 9:38 am #

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I too thought this was the best sushi around. I’m very picky about my sushi and I found this place to be delicious and affordable. I will definitely be going back!

    -Gina Avilla

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