Mango Olive: Mongolian BBQ on the Oberhausen Promenade

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Mango Olive
Promenade 35
46047 Oberhausen
Tel.: 0208 – 4373783
Hours: Mon-Sat from 1100 Sun from 1000
Alternate Web:

“We tried out Mango Olive, the Mongolian BBQ place on the Oberhausen promenade, last weekend. It was good, as good as any I’ve had in the states, although the buffet did not offer as many choices sauce and spice wise. Also, the bowls are small, but as I imagine most people get the “all you can eat” price, the small bowls don’t matter. Neither our server or the grill-cook spoke any English and the menu was in German, but with so many imported words, it wasn’t at all hard to figure out what was what.

You pile your bowl full of whatever meat and veggies you want and then tell the grill-chef what kind of sauce you want. (You have about seven sauces to choose from.) Then they throw it all on the grill and give it back to you along with some rice. It’s very trendy/chic looking inside with a large bar so would be a fun date night place if you ever get an opportunity for one of those. However, we were there with both kids and the stroller and didn’t feel out of place. We were there early evening, however,which turned out to be good thing ’cause before 18:00 the all you can eat bowl is 14 Euro instead of 19 Euro and kids eat free.

If you’re not into Asian, but the rest of your group is, never fear. The menu also boasts 8-10 pasta dishes, ranging from traditional Italian spaghetti to something akin to pad Thai. (Everyone we saw was doing the stir fry thing.)

I’d go back, but there were also several other restaurants on the promenade I’d like to try, specifically the Spanish one right next door.”

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