Goat Farm – For children’s parties!

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Here’s something fun and unique to do for a children’s party. It’s not close, so it’s a bit of a time commitment by car, but the lady who runs the parties speaks English and is very good with the kids.

Geiten Boerderij

Nieuwe Meerlaan 4

1182 DB Amstelveen

Tel 020 6455034


Children’s Parties: For 7.50E/child, each child gets two bottles of milk to feed the baby goats, food for the sheep, poffertjes (delicious small crepe-like desserts), apple juice, and goat-milk ice cream (delicious).

Distance: This place is about 2.5 hours away from the GK area; however, GK families have used it for parties and have loved it. So, if you’re feeling adventurous and like to drive, check it out. Could also be fun in conjunction with a trip to the Amsterdam/North Holland area.

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