Bremen, Germany

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(This town can be seen in conjunction with a trip to Copenhagen/Denmark either on the way or on the way back)

We drove to Bremen and spent a day and a night there. What a fun town! You really have to read “The Brementown Musicians” by the Brothers Grimm before you go; the four musicians are EVERYWHERE!

We stayed at the Ibis. It’s inexpensive and located right near the Altstadt.

Ibis Hotel
Rembertiringasse 51, 28203 Bremen
Tel: 49-421-36970

There are 2 Unesco World Heritage sights in Bremen – the Rathaus and a statue of Roland, a knight from the 1400s who is a symbol of freedom. They’re right in the same area! The Dom is nearby as well. We found a great cafe/bistro called “September.” They had a children’s menu, good prices and a wonderful (available in English) menu. We had a salmon in white wine sauce and a lamb fillet in mushroom marsala sauce. Yum.

Petzerstrasse 5
28195 Bremen
0421717 71

We also took a tour through Beck’s Brewery. You will learn about German Beer Purity Law, the different types of beer, top and bottom-fermented beer, how beer is stored and much more besides. And, at the end, you get to sample several products. More yum. It cost 7.5 euro a piece/Thur – Sun 1400. English tours – reservations suggested.

A small lane that is definitely worth your time is Bottcherstrasse. It is a pedestrian area built in the 1920s adorned throughout with statues, relief work and sculptures. There is a large glockenspiel and every day at 12 noon, 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., you can hear the chimes in the street. Figures of the most famous ocean voyagers emerge and revolve to the sound of the bells. It is interesting for about the first minute or two, but goes on for 5 or 6 more anyways!

Bremen is only about 230 miles from here and well worth the visit!

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