Mondo Verde

Ok, I haven’t actually been here, but several others have who’ve said that while pricey (and what isn’t around here?!?), Mondo Verde is a great place to go once in a while. Plus, they’re under new management and have expanded from just a garden park thing to much much more. Just check out the website. It’s all in English, so it’s easy to explore.

New – Mondo Verde is no longer just the gardens. There’s also a dinosaur park, a zoo with petting zoo, and a fun park area for kids!

In Landgraaf about 20 minutes (or less) from GK.

Mondo Verde
Groene Wereld 10
6372 PW Landgraaf
Tel: 045-5350161
Open: 365/year 1000-1600 winter — 1000-1800 summer
Tickets: Adults 10 — Kids 4 — Season tickets available!

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  1. Anonymous July 2, 2012 1:43 pm #

    This place was very nice. The gardens were beautiful. Everything looked very well taken care of we really enjoyed the animals especially the bird area all the birds roam around free in a big netted building. We probably spent 4-5 hours just walking around and we will visit here again. I’d love to share some pics from here for this post can you email me where I can send them to you? My email is

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