German Village: Langbroich-Harzelt (near Gangelt)

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Country: Germany
Name of your town: Langbroich-Harzelt (near Gangelt)
Distance to nearest bases: 15 minutes to either gate of the Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, 15 minutes to Brunssum and AfNorth school, 25 minutes to Schinnen.
Distance to nearby towns: North of the B56 in Gangelt. 5 minutes to Gangelt; 10 minutes to Heinsburg; 15 minutes to Geienkirchen and 20 minutes to Sittard. The new B56N connector will soon begin construction and will join the A2 in Holl and to the A46 in Germany cutting drive times to larger cities like Amsterdam and Dusseldorf significantly.

Size of your town: Langbroich-Harzelt is a small village of approximately 2000 people and is attached administratively/governmentally to the city of Gangelt .

Schools: None. Nearest German elementary school is in the village of Breberen ; nearest middle school is in Gangelt. Both are five minutes away.
Busses: One school bus stop for AFNORTH schools across from the village community center.

Sense of community: Langbroich-Harzelt is a small, but very active community. Most residents are members of either the Schutzenbruders (type of civic group), the Musik Verein (composed of concert/marching b and and drum & fife corps); Tennis and Soccer Clubs; Frauen Gemeinschaft (Womens Club) or the Karnival Verein (Mardi Gras Committee). The people of L-H eagerly embrace members of the NATO community and are very happy for them to join groups and activities. Currently, five US and Canadian persons are members of the concert/marching band .

Local businesses:
  • One produce stand . Classens at 17 Quellstrasse. Locally raised fruits, vegetables and eggs.
  • Krings Wohn und Bau: Largest retailer of kitchens, windows and doors in this area.
  • Altes Brauhaus Temporary Lodging. Can be visited at:
  • Palmen Travel Agency

Holidays/Special Events:
  • Carnival Parade
  • Spring and Fall Schutzenfest with parade
  • St. Martin ‘s Day
  • Spring Concerts/Music Festivals
  • Halloween/Fall Festival Party

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  1. michael swehla, MSgt, USAF (ret) July 25, 2013 6:01 am #

    Hello! My family and I stayed at Willie’s Village when we arrived at GK. Then lived on Quellstrasse in the Merten’s rental hous from Aug 1997 bis Okra 2000. That wa wonderful time and I miss all my great neighbors. Especially Peter, Dieter and Susanne and all the Mertens and of course the Blacks! I hope to come back to Langbroich for holiday next spring. Mein. Deutch ist schlecht but I’ll try! Anyone who would like to phone me, my number is: 405.625.3584. Liebe! Michael Swehla

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