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Apartment: Supercentre Danube Apartment
10 Irányi Street., Budapest, 5th district, 4th floor (access with lift)

(The website is very informative and nicely done – go there for more info)

Layout: As you enter the apartment, there is a small bathroom with a sink and a shower on the right and a tiny balcony looking into the inner courtyard of the building on the left. Straight ahead is the one bedroom with a double/queen bed (not sure which). The hallway bends to the right. From here there is a small bathroom on the left with a toilet only. Straight ahead is the studio style living room/kitchen. There’s a double bed here as well and a space near the window that would probably work for a small child. The table has room for 4 people to sit. The kitchen is small, but pretty well stocked.

Review: This is a very secure apartment just a couple blocks from the Danube in the central shopping area of Budapest. I absolutely loved staying here. The building itself is old, but interesting and very safe. The location is perfect! It is so central that it was very easy to go from here by foot all over Budapest from the City park to the north to the Castle district and even Marguerite Island. The people who own this apartment are very kind, wonderful hosts, and do speak 4 languages well (English, German, Spanish, and Hungarian), so communication is not difficult. I would definitely stay here again!

Parking: Ahhh. This is the difficulty. Budapest does not have a lot of parking facilities. If I were to do this again, I’d look for a park and ride or someplace outside where I could park and then just bus in. We found a private garage about 1/2 mile+ away from our apartment and walked to it with all our luggage. People park on the sidewalks, but it isn’t legal to park for more than a few hours, so to park near the apartment is near impossible and you’d have to repark every few hours.

Photo: view from the apartment window of Gellert Hill

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