Where do I find?

Ok… we don’t have shopping malls, Home Depots and Walmarts… so where do we find those things that we need when Schinnen fails us and we don’t feel like making the trip to Ramstein and beyond… here’s a place to start. I’ll try to add to this list as questions – and answers, arise.


A lot of these answers are from you! So, thank you!


Art/Craft Supplies:

  • HUGE art/craft store in Aachen: http://livingingk.blogspot.com/2008/04/art-supply-store.html
  • V&D in Sittard has quite a few things… paint, canvases, paper, beads… random stuff. Look downstairs too.
  • Pipoos; Jodenstraat 32, Maastricht — http://www.pipoos.nl/
    *Paints (all kinds including oils), wood items for decorative painting, buttons, beads, threads, tons of yarn, stickers, papers, oodles of scrap booking supplies, stencil sets, pens, cutting tools… an amazing selection and several levels in the store to look at. They do not take visa/MasterCard, but do have a frequent buyer/rewards system.



  • IKEA: If you’re looking for inexpensive basics, home decor, storage, or reasonably priced furniture (stuff that won’t last 100 years, but is functional and comfortable), IKEA is probably your best bet. They take credit cards and the Canadian VAT form. Plus, they have a restaurant with a cool ice cream machine (makes the kids happy) and free childcare for an hour as well. If you have the time, explore the area. IKEA is one of MANY furniture and home decor stores on Woonboulevard.
  • BisBis/Rd4: Dutch “junk” shops have a continually changing variety of randomness including occasionally very nice and often antique furniture for extremely reasonable prices. Look frequently. Dig around. Look over everything well and be prepared to scrub. But you do find treasures here.

Home Improvement:


  • Mobau – There’s one by the Rewe in Gangelt
  • OBI – There’s one in Neiderheid



  • Electronic shop in Heinsberg – Ventra is a good brand name.
  • Brunssum electric store near JFC
  • Seasonally, V&D or HEMA has them.
  • Crescendo in Hoensbroek, NL (It’s a piano shop, but yes, they sell humidifiers)
  • Media Markt (recommended by two readers)
  • Real (The Real has a small one for 85 Euros)
  • Base Exchange (Large ones for the whole house)
  • Amazon.de (internet)
  • Reader tip: “have small bowls of water on the radiators in the kids rooms”

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