Laffeld, Germany

Country: Germany

Name of your town: Laffeld

Distance to nearest bases: 20 minutes to the back gate of the Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, 25 minutes to the front gate of Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, 30 minutes to Brunssum and AfNorth school, 25 minutes to Schinnen.

Distance to nearby towns: Heinsburg is 5 minutes away. Sittard is 25 minutes away.

Size of your town: Laffeld is a VERY small village! There is a beautiful church in the middle of the town. Due to the lack of priests in the area services at this church are on a rotation with other area churces & are offered in German only.

Schools: There is a local Kindergarten in Laffeld.

Busses: I’m not sure if there are any pickups for AfNorth or GK.

Sense of community: Laffeld is very, very small. There are not a lot of English speaking community members. There is a very small playground in the middle of town & plenty of walking/biking trails that lead to larger towns with restaurants, shopping, etc. For example, Heinsberg & Waldfeucht are a 10-15 minute bike ride.

Local businesses:
A small home decorating store
A hair dresser
A school for driving lessons
A vaccum store

Holidays/Special Events:
Spring and Fall Schutzenfest (Kirmes) with multiple small parades

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