Breberen, Germany

Country: Germany

Name of your town: Breberen

Distance to nearest bases: 20 minutes to front gate of the Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, 15 minutes to the back gate, 20 minutes to Brunssum and AfNorth school, 25 minutes to Schinnen.

Distance to nearby towns: Gangelt is a 5-7 minute drive. Heinsburg is 10-15 minutes away. Sittard is about 15 minutes away.

Schools: Kinder Garten: Farshule

Busses: There are two bus stops

Sense of community:

  • There is a Firestation; nice playground and small soccer field for children
  • Haus Altenburg is a historical country estate-people live there so it can only be viewed from the outside; Gangelt-Breberen 52538
  • Barkenhof-Selfkant-Seaffelen-furniture, accessories, home & garden; Barkenhof, Breberener Str 14, 52538 Selfkant-Saeffelen
  • Cheese factory (Kaseri Tholen); Kollweider Hof 52538 Breberen
  • Famous Windmuhle-Windmill tower: 52538 Breberen
  • Church Cathedral
Local businesses:
  • Blumen Geradts: Flower and home decor shop-Altenburg Strasse
  • Deko-Mobers: Fabric shop-Altenburg Strasse
  • Wella Salon Helga: Hair Salon-Altenburg Strasse
  • Baumanns Bakery-Altenburg Strasse
  • Jewely/Rock Crystal shop
  • Late night Imbiss (fast food shop)
  • Butcher/fresh meat shop
  • Sauna-

Holidays/Special Events:

  • St. Martin’s Day:
  • Selfkantbahn-5-7 minutes away

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