Local Christmas Markets!

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Aachen - 30 minutes from GK
21 Nov – 23 Dec from 1100-2030 each day. I love this market. It’s beautiful tucked in front and around the old Rathaus and by the Dom. It’s close enough to do with ease. They will have the little clay houses that you can put tea lights into, lots of ornaments, wool hats, food, candies, toys, and much more.

Cologne (Koeln)
- 1 hour from GK
24 November – 23 December
This one is HUGE — totally worth going to on the weekday. It is extremely crowded on the weekends though due to a large number of tourist busses coming to the area. I wouldn’t take children on the weekend at all. In some areas you can’t even move, the crowds are so thick. There are actually three markets, but you can park at one and take a little train around to all three. There is one by the Dom, one in the Altstadt, and a medieval market in front of the chocolate museum. You could conceivably walk too all three if the weather (and the crowds) allow.


28-30 November in market square and the courtyard of the St. Ursula high school downtown. There is an international theme this year, so in addition to arts and crafts, you’ll also have great entertainment as well. The Italian ladies from the International Women’s Club will be singing and dancing on Saturday from 1800 -1820.

30 November 10:00-19:00 – This market isn’t huge, but it does wind around a bit and often has some very nice things that you don’t necessarily see at the other markets. St. Nikolaus is there handing out apples or oranges.

Dusseldorf Old Town – 1 hour from GK
30 November – 23 December – You can’t beat the atmosphere. This one winds through the Old Town along the Rhein. Beautiful crafts and ornaments.
Sunday-Thurs 1100-2000; Fri-Sat 1100-2100

Mechernich - one hour from GK
Sat-Sun only 29 Nov – 21 Dec – a Medieval Christmas fair at the picturesque Burg Satzvey

Monschau - 1 hour from GK
Fridays-Sundays only from 28 November to 21 December in the market place. A beautiful setting!

29-30 November at the Wallfartskirche. 1100-1800. Procedes from this market help children with cancer.

29 Nov- 4 Jan: open daily 1000-2200 (Café Winterland open until 2300) Free admission to Winter Wonderland in Vrijthof; ice rink: €3.50, ice skate rental: €4.00
Check the website below – everything is there. So much to do and a WONDERFUL family activity!

21 November – 21 December: M-F 1400-2100, Sat-Sun 1100-2100 (longer hours after 4 Dec)
Located in the Gemeentegrot and Fluweelengrot caves. The town itself is charming with quite a lot to do and see and a picturesque castle ruin on the hill. The caves are a constant temp – cold, but protected from the elements. A great market on a rainy day. It does get crowded. Weekdays are better. Parking can be difficult. Get there early and be patient.

13-14 December from 1100-1800 at the Roßtorplatz in the historic city center.

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