Vienna, Austria

Just got back from a trip where I spent oh, about 18 hours total in Vienna… not much, but we slept little, walked A TON, and took a lot of pictures. Here’s what I know…

There are a zillion travel books/guides/sites/articles about Vienna, so there’s no point in trying to recreate it here. Just like any other big city, there is a too much to do here, so find out what interests you and do your research. If it’s museums, you’ll find plenty. Theater/music? It’s there and there are tickets to be found. History and architecture? More than you will have time to see. And the food. Mmmm… even the street vendors sell yummy stuff.


Best Western Hotel Das Tigra
Tiefer Graben 14-20
Vienna, A-1010, Austria
T: 43-1-53396410
** Historical – Mozart actually stayed here at one point. Right in the centrum and close to everything. We walked all over from our hotel. 5 minutes from the Burg Theater. Extremely clean, modern rooms. Spacious by European standards. HUGE breakfast buffet – delicious! I’d stay here again.
Food: You know that Vienna has a reputation for outrageous expense, right? Well, you can eat decently and cheaply with street vendors. Now, I was skeptical at first and quite ready to walk to a nice sit down place, but we did stop and for 3.50E got a large cheese stuffed hot dog (wiener – see the entomology of this word… Wien-er — or, comes from Vienna) that was put into a hollowed out baguette. Odd, yes, but it was surprisingly delicious. And, the cafes are not too crazy. Coffee and cake are delicious and filling and, even in Vienna, don’t cost an arm and a leg. We had coffee and cake at Landtmann’s – just next door to the Burg Theater. Delicious!!! Beautiful too with nice service. The breakfast looked good too.

Museums: Though there are many here scattered around the city, the biggest, “most important” ones are all sitting conveniently together. The Museum Galerie houses a couple museums including one for children, and a nice restaurant as well with reasonable prices.

Theater: If you want to go to the theater, go to the Burg Theater (1010 Wien, Dr. Karl-Lueger-Ring 2). This is the place to go. Beautiful, historic, loved.

Outside the City Center:

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