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“This past weekend we traveled to Luxembourg. We stayed in the capital city of Luxembourg City. It is a beautiful city, and we LOVED our stay there. There is so much more to see and do though. We did not even make a dent in all of it.

We stayed in the city both nights at the Hilton. It was a great hotel with great service and an awesome breakfast included in the rate, but the beds were awful. Other than that, great hotel.

The city of Luxembourg had a great pedestrian shopping and walking district. Of all the places to eat lunch, we at at Chi Chis. Go figure. (And it really wasn’t that good either). The most beautiful part of the city is the valley below the city center. I could have stayed in this area alone all day.

You can purchase a “city pass” for 20 euros for up to 5 people and that will get you into 58 different attractions, including most of the city’s museums. We highly recommend the Museum of the city of Luxembourg. It was really interesting and even our kids really enjoyed it.

Just a couple of miles outside of Luxembourg we had the privilege of visiting a German WWII cemetery at Sandweiler. There are over 10000 soldiers buried in the German Cemetery. We also visited the American Military Cemetery where over 5000 American soldiers are buried. The two cemeteries are just around the corner from each other. General Patton is buried at the American cemetery as well.

The German cemetery was the first of its kind after the war, that is to say the first cemetery for German soldiers placed outside of the country of Germany. It is a beautiful scenic area. As well with the American cemetery. It is hard not to walk through either place without feeling so peaceful and yet full of emotion. It is interesting to compare and contrast the two cemeteries. The German cemetery is very docile and discreet. The American cemetery is exactly what you would expect. There is a beautiful memorial, a lot more history about the war, and a grand entrance. I would suggest that you visit the Germany Cemetery first, and then the American cemetery. It was an incredible experience for our family.”

More Information:

Official Luxembourg Travel Site:

Official Luxembourg City Travel Site:

More Bulge Memorials in the Luxembourg area:

Deutcher Soldatenfriedhof (German Cemetery at Sandweiler)
L-5280 Sandweiler
T: +352-355007
*4829 German soldiers buried there from WWII

Luxembourg American Cemetery
50 Vel du Scheid
L-2517 Luxembourg
T: 352-431727
Open: Every day from 0900-1700 except Christmas and New Years

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