Yolandes Hobbyhok

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Yolande’s Hobbyhok
Dorpsstraat 35a
6456 AA Bingelrade
T: 0031-0464424980
W: www.yolandeshobbyhok.nl

“…it is great and really convenient to the tri-border area.

My daughter celebrated her 10th birthday at Yolande’s Hobbyhok in Binglerade, NL. It was such a great time. And Yolande is awesome and speaks wonderful English (on the phone, in person and via email). You can choose from several different craft activities.. A few weeks ago, my oldest daughter went there with her youth group, and the each hand painted a coffee cup. At Halle’s birthday, the girls did a little scrapbook book. It was a lot of fun, easy to get to and 8.5 euro per person. Our group was very small so it was very reasonable. And the girls loved it!”

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