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Mosel Saar Ruwer Links:

When reading about Mosel wines, you’ll often see the term MSR. That simply refers to the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer wine region. You can also try to find a town’s website by adding “.de” to the name of the town.

Wine: – Comprehensive German wine site with English translation
Mosel: – Great site in English with events and maps
Mosel wine: Wine tasting locations – site in German

Wine Festivals in September:
All of the events listed below are in towns along the Mosel River. If contact information is not listed, then more information can be found by sending an email to:

29 Aug – 7 Sept

  • Moselfest with Fireworks in Winningen. This is the oldest wine festival in Germany. Fireworks on Sunday. Website:

4 – 8 Sept

  • Weinfest der Mittelmosel in Bernkastel-Kues. Fireworks on Saturday and a parade on Sunday.

5-7 Sept

  • Fröhlicher Weinmarkt in Traben-Trarbach
  • Weinlesestraßenfest in Leiwen with gourmet foods along the historic Roman road.
  • Weinstraßenfest in Briedel

5-8 Sept

  • Heimat- und Weinfest in Bremm

5-15 Sept

  • Stadtwoche mit Weinausschank in Schweich. Wine festival during the week, shops open on Sunday, and a special market on Monday.

6-8 Sept

  • Saarweinfest in Saarburg. Cost is 4 Euro for the wine festival and medieval wine market in the old town. Web:
  • Traditionelles Winzerfest mit Winzerspiel in Mehring. One of the oldest wine festivals on the Mosel. Saturday is the crowning of the queen and king. Wine tasting on Sunday.
  • Weinfest und Kirmes in Oberfell. Web:

12-14 Sept

  • Wein- und Straßenfest in Zeltingen. Local growers display local specialties and wines. Web:
  • Straßenweinfest in Ediger-Eller. Web:
  • Weinstraßenfest am Marktplatz in Lieser
  • Kellerkirmes in Mesenich
  • Wein- und Heimatfest in Wintrich
  • Wein- und Heimatfest in Brodenbach. Web:
  • Herbstfest in den Weingütern in Enkirch. Autumn celebration in the wine growing estates.

12-15 Sept

  • Weinfest in Treis-Karden
  • Winzerhöfefest in Thörnich. Growers open house and Bacchus competition.
  • Wein- und Herbstfest in Bullay

13-14 Sept

  • Tage der offenen Weingüter in Kanzem

13-15 Sept

  • Kirmes und Weinfest in Kobern-Gondorf. Web:
  • Weinkirmes in Ellenz-Poltersdorf

19-21 Sept

  • Straßenweinfest in Ellenz-Poltersdorf
  • Straßenweinfest in Wolf
  • Herbst-Straßenweinfest in Pünderich
  • Winzerhöfefest in Pommern
  • Straßenfest rund um den Würzgarten in Ürzig
  • Herbstfest in den Weingütern in Enkirch
  • Wein- und Bratfischfest in Reil
  • Straßenweinfest in Senheim
  • Weinkirmes in Noviand

19-22 Sept

  • Weinfest und Market in Fell. Tent celebration with wine tasting. Web:
  • Weinlesestraßenfest der Mittelmosel in Minheim
  • Weinkirmes in Graach

26-28 Sept

  • Straßenweinfest in Neef
  • Weinlesefest in Kröv
  • Lösnicher Herbst in Lösnich
  • Fröhliche Weinstraße “Römerstraße” in Neumagen
  • Wein- und Straßenfest in Brauneberg. On the street Nussbaumallee.
  • Federweißen-Fest in Traben-Trarbach
  • Straßenweinfest in Poltersdorf

26 Sept

  • Prädikatsweinversteigerung Grosser Ring (Wine tasting and auction of the QmP, or higher quality wines) Wine tasting from 0900-1100. Auction at 1300. 40 Euros for tasting or 70 Euros for tasting and auction. Grosser Ring VDP, Gartenfeldstraße 12a, 54295 Trier. Web:

27-28 Sept

  • Herbstfest auf dem Marketplace in Winningen. Web:

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