Korean Restaurants NL/DE

We enjoyed delicious Korean food at the Preuvinement in Maastricht a couple weeks ago and the best thing was that they had recipes and a restaurant list in English!

The people that cooked are from the Seoul Restaurant near Dusseldorf, so I’ll list that one first, but they had a list of 26 Korean restaurants in the greater NL/DE area. YUM!

Seoul Restaurant
Sohlstatten Strasse 26c
Ratingen-Tiefenbroich DE (Near Dusseldorf)
T: 02102-472264
W: http://www.korearestaurant.de/
* Good food. Tasted at the food festival in Maastricht.

Berger Strasse 12
Dusseldorf (Altstadt) DE
T: 0211-84130

* Great reputation. Raves from folks that have lived in Korea.

Eburonenstrasse 1
Koln DE
T: 0221-3401491

Stressemann Strasse 46
Dusseldorf DE
T: 0211-8604404

Bismarck Strasse 66
Dusseldorf DE
T: 0211-3613138

Bismarck Strasse 53
Dusseldorf DE
T: 0211-1752115

Han-Il Kwan
Hohenzollerndamm 50
Berlin DE
T: 030-8232975


Haupt Strasse 116
Leverkusen DE

Hohenzollernring 22-24
Koln DE
T: 0221-25899840

Mittlere Bleiche 27
Mianz DE
T: 06131-236998

Westerbach Strasse 23
Kronderg DE
T: 06173-78898

Royal Seoul
Castroter 219
Bochum DE
T: 0234-503853

Moechener Strasse 46
Frankfurt am Main DE
T: 069-24271778

Tongesgasse 11
Frankfurt am Main DE
T: 069-283631

Korea House
Am Hauptbahnhof 16
Frankfurt am Main DE
T: 069-236964


Buitenveldertselaan 158A
Amsterdam NL
T: 020-6614077

Toko Kaya
Karel Doormanweg 4
Amsterdam NL
T: 020-3452555

Hankook Kwan
Van Boshuizenstraat 207
Amsterdam NL
T: 020-6445273

Hwa Won
Netherhoven 13-15
Amsterdam NL
T: 020-6423142

Rabbijn Maarsenplein 7
Den Haag NL
T: 070-3646488

Netherhoven 9
Amsterdam NL
T: 020-6463722

Seoul Garden
Bagijnesstraat 8
Den Haag NL
T: 070-3650602

Van Korea
Zeesluisweg 6
Den Haag NL
T: 070-3555227

Westblaak 27
Rotterdam NL
T: 010-40499744

Rijnlandderweg 1300
Nieuw-Vennep NL
T: 025-2689249

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