Kepap Haus in Birgden (for great doerners/gyros)

Most of you know about this place already, but it’s so good, it’s still worth a mention for those who don’t.

Kebap Haus
Bahnhofstrasse 70
T: 02454-969501 (you can call ahead for pick-up)
O: M-Sat 1100-2300; Sun and holiday 1100-2300

Food: Pizzas, Schnitzel, Salads, Grilled items, and Döners. We go for the döners, but I like my homemade sauce better, so we always make that for our döners (plain yogurt, chopped cucumber, fresh chopped mint – all mixed together).

Hints: If you want the traditional gyro style sandwich with the thick bread and all the stuff on it, order the döner kebap – it’s the first one on the menu inside, the cheapest one with a small sandwich for only $3.50, and really filling. The döner dürüm is served more like a wrap in a thin tortilla like “bread” and those are really good too – and huge. Most people would be filled up on just half of one. If you order the döner teller, you won’t get any bread – just all the stuff that would normally come on the bread plus your choice of rice or french fries.

Again… portions are BIG. You won’t starve here.

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