Driving in GK area

Getting your Eusur license:
If you are going to be stationed at GK, you’ll need to study for and take a test to get a license to drive in Germany. This is different from the International Driver’s license which you can purchase in Heinsburg without a test.
The complete handbook, street signs, and a lengthy sample test are online. I suggest reading the booklet well and taking the sample test until you understand the answers.  The questions about right-away at roundabouts can be tricky
Links to your vehicle questions:  http://www.eur.army.mil/Europe/#vehicle
International Driver’s License:

For more information:  http://livingingk.blogspot.com/2008/11/international-drivers-license.html

Kreis Heinsberg/Kreisverwaltung
Address: Valkenburger Str. 45
52525 Heinsberg, Germany
Get DirectionsTelephone: 02452-131050/02452 13-1100
Hours: Mon 0700-1800 – Tues & Wed 0700-1700 – Fri 0700-1500 – Sat 0900-1200

Getting Speeding Tickets in Germany:

Ticket Calculator Post:  http://livingingk.blogspot.com/2009/11/german-ticket-calculator.html

The highest ticket that I ever got was for 30 Euros for speeding through a school zone (when there were no children present, of course, but no, I’m not proud). 

It can take up to three months from the time those pesky ticket cameras take your picture to the time that you actually get your ticket.

When you get your ticket pay it quickly and save all your receipts. Keep these records handy. Sometimes it takes so long for the ticket payment to register in their system that you will get a second bill with late fees. Be able to show that you’ve paid and when.
Famous Cameras:
  • Beware of the cameras on the bridge just as you leave Dusseldorf International Airport. The speed is slower there than most autobahn speeds and those cameras catch a lot of people. You’re usually talking a lot with your new guests and may not notice that speed zone.
  • There are occasionally police or a temporary camera set up by the school in Gillrath. 30km/hour seems excessively slow, but that is the speed limit and the camera is often not noticeable until it’s too late.
Local Pests:
If you haven’t been frustrated by this already, here’s a little FYI to prevent some frustration in the future:   If you are registered for gas in Germany, you can no longer purchase gas at Schinnen. Yep, it’s a sad catch 22, but all of us Germany folks have to use the new ESSO gas cards and they WILL NOT work at Schinnen. :(
So, plan your trip accordingly. The ESSO in Wehr is probably the closest to Schinnen on the German side of the border and it’s an easy drive through Hillensberg to Schinnen. So, in a pinch when you’re driving on fumes, go there.
“S” Curves:
So you’re trying to enter or leave a village and there’s a strange S-shaped curve allowing only one car to comfortable go through.  The rule:  the vehicle leaving the village has the right away.
No, you won’t see locals following this 100%.   You will have the right-away just to have a tractor or large truck squeeze through and push you over to the side.  It happens.  It’s aggravating, but at least now you know the “rule.”

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