Antique Shop – almost too good to share

I’ll admit it… I’ve stalled in sharing this. Though I’ve known about it for a while and have been there twice recently, I just don’t want you all to know about this one because I like it and you might buy all the things that I eventually want to have. But… here it goes. Quick, like a bandaid… I’ll spill the beans. Then you can go home with some treasures too!

Seizoenstraat antiek and planten
Heerlerweg 17
Tel: 0031-045-575-1295
Open: Friday 1100-1800 and Saturday 1100-1700

*This shop is 5 minutes from IKEA. If you are at the McDonald’s near IKEA, drive west towards the highway, go under it and don’t get on. Follow the signs to Voerandaal. Heerlerweg is a main intersection in town.

This small shop specialized is those special random bits that we all need… bread boards, large wooden grain bins, old wooden boxes, cement pieces, metal signs, some furniture, metal bread pans, and a many other wonderful treasures. Architectural treasures… NOT fine furniture… just fun finds. The prices are NOT low. Unfortunately, that is the downside. But, the quality of some of the higher priced items is good. For instance, they always have a beautiful selection of those long oblong wooden grain bin/dough bowls and the prices are more than I’ve seen elsewhere, but the selection and quality is also more than I’ve seen elsewhere, so it’s a tradeoff.

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