Steakhouse Mujo

Restaurant Steak House Mujo
Heerlener Strasse/Ecke Kreuzgracht 1
Ubach-Palenberg/Scherpenseel 52531
Tel: 02451-46093

Open: 1700-2400 Tues – Saturday
Sundays and holidays 1200-2400
Monday is closed.

Only 10 minutes from base, this place is the Atkin’s diet’s dream. Meat, meat, and some more meat. You can choose from beef, pork, chicken, and fish in various dishes. I enjoyed my Grill Teller, but it had way too much meat for me – a bit heavy and a bit greasy. If you go, go with a big appetite. They will feed you.

Families and kids are welcome here. The atmosphere was good and the service was nice. There is a decent salad bar.

Overall: A decent place for a large gathering, but cramped where they seated us. The food was good, but not so good that it has me running back for more. Wouldn’t choose to go there when there are so many better options unless I was absolutely desperate for a steak that I don’t have to cook. And, really… with the exchange rate as it is, if you’re going to plunk down your money on a dinner out, don’t you want it to be absolutely fabulous?

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