Phantasialand Amusement Park
Berggeistrasse 31-41; Bruhl, DE
*Ticket prices, hours, and other information is available on the easy-to-use English website.

Rides: Fun! Honestly, though there are “kiddie” rides, I don’t know that I would want to pay the 31 Euro fee – or even the little kid cost at today’s exchange rate to spend a day here. It’s crowded and costly. But, on a Tuesday, we went and got in 12 rides in 9 hours with a lunch break and getting “lost” a couple times.

Colorado Adventure: One of our favorites. The line goes faster than the line says and this ride is longer than most, so it is well worth it. We went on this 5 times with no regrets. Sitting in the back is the most fun. The line will split at one point, so go left and you’ll be able to pick your seats. Very fun! Most of this line is outside, so for hot sun or pouring rain, you won’t be covered.

Winja’s Fear and Winja’s Force: The entrance for both is in the same place and you can’t take purses/bags on this one. Bring a euro for a locker. You won’t get the Euro back, but you can’t ride it unless your stuff is stashed. The lines were long and seemed pretty slow for both. They are similar rides – very similar, but are fun. The cars speed down the track and spin as well, so it has a lot of unexpected turns. Doesn’t spin like Disneyland tea cups, so you most likely won’t get sick. Completely indoors. Fun… but for us, not worth the line to do either more than once.

RiverQuest: Looks amazing! But… there were 2 hour waits. Is any ride worth 2 hours?

Mystery Castle: 65 meter bungee jump. Cool. I would have loved this, BUT, the map that you will get at the entrance does not give you even the slightest description of the rides, so we didn’t know what it was and never stood in line. Sad. I suggest reading through the attractions list on the Phantasialand website before going, so you know kind of what you want to do.

Talocan: Amazing to watch. The lines go pretty fast. Looks nauseating to see the suspended spinning, but according to my iron-stomached daughter, you don’t even feel the spin. Partially covered lines.

Stonewash and Wildwash Creek: There is one entrance for both rides. I’m still not sure which one I went on. I think that Wildwash has a steeper drop. Fun, but you don’t get horribly wet and it isn’t really that exciting… for older kids and adults, you’ll enjoy RiverQuest more if you can get on it. Partially covered lines.

Black Mamba: FUN!!! My favorite! This looks scarier than it really is. It goes fast – really fast, so the scary stuff isn’t so bad. Towards the end of the line it splits into two lines. The one on the right fills only the very first row. The one of the left fills rows 2-8. So, with each ride the first line fills 4 seats at a time while the other fills 28 seats at a time. So, if you’re in a hurry, go left. The ride is fun. If you can see the end of the line on the right, go left. It’s at least an hour from the split point to the right. May be 10 minutes to the left. However, if you can’t see the line on the right, then you have a chance that within 30 minutes you could be in the very front which is the absolutely best place to be. The best seats in the front are up for debate. But front is totally different and way better. These lines are covered a little more than 1/2 the time.

Lines: Signs along the line route for the rides will tell you approximately how much time you have before you reach the ride. We found that the lines almost always went faster. There is a Quick Pass that you can buy for 15 Euros extra, but it only gives you a limited number of rides that you can cut in line for. The Quick Pass entrances are separate from the regular entrances.

Food: There is a ton of food of all kinds there. Get pizza and burgers in the old west area, Chinese, Gyros, and Mexican. I had Chinese. It was ok. The prices on food seem reasonable. Bottled drinks, of course, are a bit high.

Bring things in: You can bring food in!!!! Or at least, everyone I saw did. People were standing in line with home made sandwiches, chips, and drinks. There are quite a few lockers where you could store your lunch, so if you are planning a long day or just want reliably healthy food, bring it with ya. I’ll definitely bring large bottles of water next time.

*The Website: The hours on the website at this moment are wrong. I suggest calling and asking. It said that it closed at 1800. Even at the entrance to the rides, signs said that the last ride was at 1745. But, at 1745 we were in line for the Black Mamba and at 1815 we got on and when we got off there were still people getting in line. Other rides were going and the park was packed. Shows and restaurants seem to stay open later… 2200 was the latest closing time I saw.

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