Hotel in Dusseldorf — PSC hint

Hint from a friend who recently PCSed out:

1. Pick your own flights ahead of time, print out your desired itinerary, then take it to the travel office. It makes it easier for them, and then you more often get flights/times/cities that work with your family’s schedule better.

2. If you’re flying out of Düsseldorf, consider this hotel recommendation:

Maritim Hotel
A two minute covered walk from the hotel to the airport. It has an awesome salt water pool/spa/fitness room, and is a brand new hotel right at the airport. We were on the 6th floor with a great view of planes landing and taking off. The hotel is state of the art… with windows that block out all noise!

3. Dogs can fly during the summer on their own airline. Look into Pet Air which flies from the Frankfurt airport.

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