Tradition – Vietnamese Restaurant in Aachen

5 Stars! Wow! Highly recommended!

Tradition aus Vietnam bei Van
Vietnamese Specialty Restaurant
Burtscheider Strasse 11-13

Tel: 0241-5592940

Open: Tues – Sun 1200-1500 and 1730-2330
Closed: Mondays
Reservations: Highly recommended

This restaurant has it all… the ambiance is fabulous. The place is clean, elegant, and beautifully decorated. It’s small and comfortable. The menu is expansive, so you will have a lot of choices plus pre-set course meals if you’d like to try a bit of everything. The food is beautifully presented on very nice plates with orchids (edible) and delicious sauces. And flavor! Wow. A perfect blend of Chinese and Thai – sauces that complement the food perfectly without overpowering it. Combine this restaurant with a night at the theater or the spa and you have a perfect date night!

Do make reservations. This place is normally packed with long waits to get in. The later you go, the better your chances.

I had #111 – a delicious 3 course meal. The course meals are for 2 persons or more. The egg rolls (they call them Kaiser roll) are amazing! I could have eaten 10. Then a large platter (above) was brought out loaded with deliciously cooked vegetables and 4 different meats. We were stuffed and couldn’t finish it all. The dessert was a very nice ice cream with coconut inside. Light, creamy, and delicious. I will go back here again – definitely.

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  1. suzanne June 23, 2008 5:45 am #

    Hi, based on this post I went ahead and spend my birthday dinner there. It was an excellent evening with great tasty food, peaceful atmosphere and attentive service. A great experience over all.
    I keep coming back to this blog for inspiration and ideas. I love it!

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