Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen – Aaaaah, a Spa!

Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen
Stadtgarten / Passstr. 79
52070 Aachen
Tel: 49 / (0) 241 / 1 82 74-0

Go, go, go! This pool/spa is great.

I just did the pool area not the spa zone. There are outdoor pools, a large indoor pool, and several hot/cold tubs. This is not a place to go lap swimming. The water has a high mineral content and is there for the purpose of relaxation. On many of the pools walls, there are beds and seats where you can lay/sit in the water and have jet bubbles massage you. A whirlpool outside will push you along in the current which is effortless and really fun. There’s also a sauna and a quiet room with soft music all in the large pool area and a small restaurant where you can go and get something to drink.

A large sauna area is separate with several sauna rooms. You can go online and find out exactly how many people are in that area. There are also massage and beauty services. It’s all laid our very nicely on the English website.

I was a little concerned about privacy, but you can be absolutely as private as you want with nice changing rooms for both coming in and leaving.

Children: There are children there, but not a lot. Children under 6 years are NOT permitted. Children ages 6-15 are only permitted with an adult (there were some children there, but it is not a place to run, play, and be crazy. It is there for relaxation, so I don’t know many younger kids that would appreciate it). Ages 16 and over can enter unattended.

How it works: There is a parking garage under the spa, so you can park there for very little. When you enter the spa, they’ll give you a little blue coin that has a chip in it. This is your “credit card” while you’re there and has the time you entered in it. If you have any services done while you’re there, they’ll enter it on your coin. This goes for the restaurants as well. As soon as you’re through the door, there’s a wall of small lockers to your left. These are for your valuables. Put your coin into the slot on one of the locker keys, put your valuables in it, then take the key (with your coin in) and keep it with you. You’ll find a long row of dressing rooms ahead on your left. That’s where you can change into your swim attire, then take your things with you and go through the opposite door you entered. There you’ll find a locker with the same number as the small valuables locker. These are big and will fit all of your things. Shower shoes are recommended. Take your shoes and your towel and you can go shower off, then enter the pool area. There are places for shoes and towels in that area as well. The dressing rooms and locker rooms are co-ed, but the shower areas are separate, so it is very private and I didn’t see anything embarrassing. Leaving is just the opposite. You’ll use the same rooms to change back into your normal clothing. They have 2 mirrors in these rooms for makeup or hair. There are hairdryers on the wall on the other side as well and a row of counters with mirrors and outlets where you can primp before going out. When you exit, they’ll scan your coin at the register and you’ll pay then.

Right now they are running a deal though July where the pools are 9 Euros for the entire day or you can do the pools and saunas for only 18 for the entire day. Worth every penny! We went with a group and stayed for just 90 minutes before going out to dinner. Very easy to do!

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  1. Megan and A.J. August 5, 2012 6:00 pm #

    I just went to the Thermen today. It was awesome! I was especially happy that most of the pools were warm like we had back in Georgia.

    It was less serene than I expected, nothing crazy, I think it was just busy because it was the weekend. It’s still not nearly as loud as your typical public pool.

    Just FYI, renting a towel costs 4 euro plus a 15 euro deposit, so definitely bring your own.

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