Maastricht: The Holly Route

pCreatures of habit, we often return to places and walk along the same paths over and over again. This is one path, a shopper’s path, marked by the stores listed below, but with many others in between to explore. Follow your shopper’s instincts and you’ll have a marvelous time.

Park at the WC Mosae Forum. (7 Euros got us about 3 hours to stroll, walk, and have a snack). This parking lot comes up right at the markt and a huge H&M… a great start to a day of shopping…

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz)
WC Mosae Forum
Mosae Forum 99
Hours: 0930 – 1800 Tues – Sat — Closed Sundays
* Everything you need and a little more. The children’s department is always fun and the sales are amazing. They take visa, so save your cash for the other stores.

Sissy Boy Homeland
Markt 55
*Fun, fun, fun! The fashions and interior design pieces are fun, unique, and very cool. The prices are high, but you can’t beat the sales. Go during sales. There’s a nice cafe right in the front entrance with excellent coffees and delicious food. I had a cappuccino (so good, I didn’t need sugar) and was hungry, so I asked for a ham sandwich. YUM! For only 3.25 Euro, I got a thick slice of delicious break covered in thin shavings of a very flavorful ham and a salad on the side with dressing that I would have bought if it was for sale. Mmmmm. A very reasonable meal in Maastricht.

From the market area and Sissy Boy, take Muntstraat. You’ll stay on this a little while.

Muntstraat 1
6211 EG Maastricht
+31 433262201
So most of us can’t afford Oilily, but you can watch for sales and dream the rest of the time. If you are artistic, the colors, textures, and patterns you’ll see here are absolutely inspirational. Soak it up.

Pipoos is a quick jog from Muntstraat just down a side street and back… great if you’re crafty!

Jodenstraat 32
*Paints (all kinds including oils), wood items for decorative painting, buttons, beads, threads, tons of yarn, stickers, papers, oodles of scrap booking supplies, stencil sets, pens, cutting tools… an amazing selection and several levels in the store to look at. They do not take visa/MasterCard, but do have a frequent buyer/rewards system.

Muntstraat turns into Kleine Straat. Turn right onto Achter Het Vleeshuis and you’ll find Minckelerstraat.

Riviera Maison
Minckelerstraat 1a
*Fun decorative items for your home, you’ll enjoying looking and you’ll most likely find something cool. Great sales here too. Fun items inspired from American and French style. A fun mix. Soothing decor.

Buttons and Beads
Minckelerstraat 16
Hours: Mon 1300-1800; Tues, Wed, Fri 1000-1800; Thurs 1000-2100; Sat 1000-1700
*That’s it. Buttons and beads – but and lots of them with terrific variety. Thrown in a wall of yard and some fancy vintage jewelry in the corner. A few vintage mannequins and you’ve got yourself a shop to shop in. Enjoy!

From Minckelerstraat, take either Bredestraat or Platielstraat west and you’ll run into the Vrijtof. Wander around the Vrietof (there are two cash machines there – one by ING, one across from McD). A good place to stop for lunch!

Selexys Book Store
Dominikanerkerkstraat 1
tel. 043 321 08 25
*Don’t look for a book store. Stand at the McDonalds in the Vritof and look away from the main square almost behind you away from the square down the smaller road that splits off from the main one. You’ll see a small open area, a beautiful old building that now houses a restaurant, and a beautiful 1274 church. The church is not a church. Go in. There is your bookstore. They have an English section and a coffee shop. And, if nothing else, it’s really cool to walk in and just see it!

Douwe Egberts
*When you follow the modern glass awning near the church bookstore down the stairs, then on your right, you’ll find this amazing coffee shop with a beautiful shop in the back full or gift items, canisters, and mugs – beautiful souvenirs or gifts for the family back home. If you drink their coffee at home (they sell it at the Natex), save your points… you can redeem them certain times a year for cash off of merchandise in their shops.

There are a lot more shops to stop in than those I listed. These are just a few favorites. You’ll also find a lot of clothing shops of all kinds, accessory shops and candy stores. Enjoy it. Maastricht is a fabulous city!

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