Interni – Delicious Italian in GK

Interni Restaurant and Bar
Restaurant with outdoor terrace for 60 people
Dohlenweg 3
Geilenkirchen 52511
Tel: 02451-4098614
Handy: 0170-3444992
Hours: Open 7 days
Breakfast: 0830-1100
Lunch: 1200-1500
Dinner: 1800-2230
Bar: Sun-Th 0830-0100, Fri and Sat 0830-0200

This new restaurant in Geilenkirchen is excellent. The service was fast, the place very clean, and the atmosphere was nice as well. We had a group of about 10 there on a Friday night.

The food is delicious – easily the best Italian that I’ve had here. The portions are great, the presentation is beautiful, and the prices aren’t bad either. Expect to pay between 10 and 16 Euros for most entrees. The special three-course spargel menu was 24.

The three-course spargel menu looked delicious and got good review from the two I know that had it. Both said they’d order it again. The ravioli looked great too.

I ordered a beef roulade – thin beef rolled around green asparagus, pecorino cheese, and sun dried tomatoes in a rosemary wine sauce. Wow! Packed with flavor! Delicious. I’d order it again without hesitation.

The wine menu was good too. I recommend the kir – a drink made with sekt and cassies.

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