Most of you already know ALL about IKEA. I think it’s probably one of the first places that most sponsors will take you when you move here and rightly so… they have reasonable prices, take the VAT form, accept VISA, AND, have just about everything you could possibly need including lamps, rugs, children’s things, furniture, kitchen stuff, storage cabinets and shelves, etc…

IKEA also has AMAZING sales, so stopping there once in a while is a good thing. You can always find inexpensive items that are fun and useful. Candles and seasonal decorative items are fab there.

IKEA Heerlen
In de Cramer 142
6412 Heerlen

Open: Mon – Fri 1000-2100 and Sat 0900-2000
General Website: http://www.ikea.com
Local Website: Heerlen Store Info


  • If you are buying something large… you will see two numbers… Vak and another. Write these down. They will help you find your items when you’ve finished winding your way to the end of the store. Really big items are in another warehouse a couple blocks away, so you can pick them up after your purchase. So, if you can’t grab it from the shelf and their is no vak #, then go to the little service desk in that area and someone will be able to order it from the warehouse for you.
  • Customer service is not big there. If you plan on buying large or heavy items, bring big muscles with you. You will be wrangling those unwieldy items yourself. Delivery is possible for a fee.
  • They take the VAT. If you use the VAT, you will purchase your items first, then go to the customer service desk to get your cash refund.
  • The restaurant opens at 0900 on weekdays and has yummy soft serve ice cream, decent meatballs, and a great kids meal. There’s a good, cheap breakfast there in the mornings too.
  • Kids? I’ve taken my kids and they survive it, but IKEA is far more enjoyable if you can go without or with fewer children. One if fine and the ice cream distraction mid trip is great. There is free childcare for up to two hours (I think it’s 2) near the entrance.
  • It is challenging to get in and out of IKEA in under an hour. The store is large and it winds around inside. Do go when you have time to browse, especially the first trip. 2-3 hours is ideal and if you have more time, there is the entire Woonboulevard with a plethora of other stores to explore all on the same block.
  • If you are looking for furniture, mattresses, or bed linens, DO take measurements with you in centimeters. That will help you a lot and save you time.

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