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Beautiful Farmhouse apartment on a working sheep farm in Aarlanderveen, NL right between Amsterdam and The Hague.

We slept 8 people in here (4 adults and 4 children) reasonably comfortably. That worked very well for small children. There are two bedrooms upstairs and a small bathroom with a shower. There is no bath tub. One room has a double bed. The other has 3-4 twin beds and there is a baby bed available upon request.


To find this place… go to the link below and click on “zuid holland” by the map:


From there, you’ll see a list of places in South Holland. This one usually comes up first. It’s in the Groene Hart area in a town called Aarlanderveen. It is named Hoeve Suydeinde. All linens are included and are very nice. There is a price list on the website.

The place we stayed: On the left were a small vegetable garden and a caged chicken yard. In front was a large barn with farm equipment inside. To our right was a long brick house where we would stay with beautiful flower gardens in front of it. The brick house used to be horse stables and it stretched out on both sides. One side was occupied by the neighbor who had his own driveway and gardens. On the other side was the family home and in the middle was our little apartment. Klaus came out to greet us. He, being Dutch, spoke near perfect English making it very easy to communicate. He showed us to our place.

Upstairs are two bedrooms and two bathrooms. One bedroom has a view out to the fields and a nice double bed and small table. It is small with the slanted ceilings, but nicely decorated and very clean. Opposite that room is another, a bit larger, but also with those roof-slant ceilings and a nice large window looking out to the gardens. It has three twin beds and two bookshelves and a large built-in shelving unit making it very nice for all your stuff. The owner, knowing we had a lot of children put out a baby bed and two small mattresses on the floor. It was wonderful. The odd thing about that room is that it has a sink in it! So you can brush your teeth in your bedroom.

The two small bathrooms are closet-sized. One was just large enough for a toilet and sink and one person. The other next door housed a sink and a shower – no bath.

Downstairs there is studio-style room with a small living area/dining room and kitchen with a stove and microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. It is very clean and well put together. There is a nice yard and sitting area outside as well. The family is friendly and the location is perfect. Great for walkers and bikers as well. Very quaint.

A patio door lets out to a seating area outside along a canal with a large trampoline that the kids can use. From the patio there’s a view of three windmills. Two are on their property quite a ways away. The third, you can easily walk to.

Klaus owns and runs an active sheep farm. He had 90 ewes and 120 lambs. It is nice to stand out on the patio and enjoy the view with the sheep munching away and the windmills turning on the horizon. One morning we even caught a glimpse of a blue heron right outside our door sitting on the edge of the canal.

The village: The village is essentially one small street just a few blocks long with houses on either side. They have a little beer stube, a tiny grocery, and a Toyota dealership (yes, that struck us as odd too). On either side of the tiny street are tiny canals that often branch off on either side of people’s homes surrounding them on three sides, sometimes even to the foundation, with water. Some areas were green with algae, but ducks, geese, and other water fowl swim along, some playing and some sitting in their island nests built carefully in the middle of the waterways. To get to any home you have to cross a small bridge.

Standing on our patio at dusk, sheep munching on the grass and the tiny waterway reflecting the colors of the sky. It is very serene – probably the perfect quiet get-a-way for someone wanting to reflect or pursue artistic endeavors like writing or painting. No wonder there are so many Dutch masters. The landscape is inspiring.

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