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This is by no means comprehensive, but some additional information on the new AAFES/Esso Gas Card. For more information/training, go to this website:

From last night’s town hall meeting:

1) For US, if you are eligible to buy gas coupons, you are eligible for the fuel card. For your non-US friends, it will vary based on their country of origin and where they live.

2) There are two different card types: Blue Cards for POVs and Red Cards for GOVs- only for fuel in Germany.

3) Long term card good as long as the car is registered. Short term card good for 30-days, but can be extended as needed (for TDYs, rentals, etc).

4) If you need more than your monthly ration (normally 400 liters/month) you can get a ration supplement.

5) One Car – One Card. But, one account (one pot of money) for all cars under the sponsor.

6) Cash applied towards sponsor’s account can be used by every card on that account. Therefore, if you have more than one car, you must coordinate to ensure you don’t go over the money in the account.

7) You can go into the hole on your account (AAFES will cover the difference) but you will not be able to use the card until its balance is back up over $1. Example: I have $2 on my account. I pump $100 worth of fuel. The cost will be covered, but my account will be at -$98, and I will be unable to use any card against that account until it is above $1.

8) If you go above your ration amount at an Esso station, you will be charged the euro price for the entire amount you pumped. Example: you have 49 liters left for the month. You pump 50 liters at an Esso. You don’t have the ration to cover the full 50 liters, so you must pay the Esso price in euros for the entire 50 liters (no split payment between your card and economy price).

9) At AAFES you can use the fuel card, cash, or credit card. At Esso only the fuel card will get you the reduced price. There are 1200 Essos in Germany. I recommend a map book called Esso Tiger on Tour, it lists every Esso station.

10) Card accounts can be loaded with money using various methods, including on-line payment and direct deposit.

11) Your most current transaction slip is the most important. It contains how much you spent, how much money is left in your account, and how much fuel is left in your ration for that vehicle.

12) No more ration sheet means no more ability to buy gas coupons, unless the place giving the coupons is automated into the fuel card system, which is un-likely.

13) When a vehicle is sold or de-registered, then any remaining credit in your account will be refunded to you.

Other notes:

1) AAFES/Esso is working with NATEX and Rheindahlen gas stations, but until an agreement is reached, the U.S. will not be able to get fuel from those locations.

2) No decision yet on if the AAFES station at Schinnen will have this program.

3) If you are traveling on official orders (including leave) you should be able to get a gas ration at AAFES outside of Germany – more to follow.

4) Non-DEERS (non-US) can add money on-line by linking through the AAFES website.

5) Cards will be sent out to the US personnel the end of July and early August. Fuel coupons should be good until their stated expiration.

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