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Here’s a great article that came out a while ago… especially useful now when the dollar isn’t as friendly…

This Bed and Breakfast near Paris has been recommended to us, but I haven’t stayed there due to its distance from the city itself. They do; however have a blog that can be interesting at times and a nice set of travel tips that are quite wise – especially in France.

My 2 cents:

On renting cars: Diesel does cost A LOT less and seems to go farther. We spent an entire week driving a 9 person van around the Costa Blanca and Valencia, Spain on just ONE tank of gas!

On toll roads: Tolls to Normandy ended up costing around 27 Euros. Be prepared. Most places take credit cards (Visa too), so you can just slide your card in and drive away. Just make sure you get in the correct line.

On eating on a budget: Grocery stores, fruit stands, markets, and delis will give you a fantastic meal. Save money by getting your breakfast and dinner foods there and eat your hot meal out for lunch. Local breads, cheeses, and fruits can provide one quick, inexpensive meal that is out of this world.

Hours: If you’re staying somewhere for a few days, do check store hours. Don’t get stuck without food/gas/souveniers on a Sunday as you’re leaving town. It’s helpful to arrive well within those open hours as well. I’ve been told I couldn’t enter a grocery store at 1945 even though they were supposed to be open until 2000. Last minute doesn’t always work.

Apartment: If you have space, bring your own linens. A cutting board, knife, and corkscrew come in handy even at hotels. Extras: paper towels, plastic cups, paper plates, plastic utensils — those will make your grocery store breakfast a breeze in your hotel.

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