Taking Hops (Space A) – 101

Why Fly Space A?

  1. It’s Kid Friendly!
    • “My boys love flying space A because they get to get up and walk around or sleep in their sleeping bags on the floor of the aircraft. The best flight we had was last year on a C-17, they were able to climb into the 2 Apache helicopters on board, as well as go up into the cock pit and see out while flying. My 14 year old got to sit up there while they landed the plane — talk about a great experience for a teenager!”
  2. It’s Free!

Space A Web Resources:

Reader Advice:

  1. The best thing to do is to educate yourself by googling “Space A flying” and reading everything you can.
  2. Sign up on line for all the terminals you are interested in using both going and returning by clicking on this link (http://www.takeahop.org/) and filling in the information. It works great!
    • “When I got into Charleston, SC I checked to see if my name was on the list so in about 10 days I would be able to fly out of there. They had all the information they needed.”
  3. Be flexible.
  4. Print out the information on every PAX terminal that you might get into. This will include the corresponding flight recording numbers and billeting information which will help you if you get into a place in the middle of the night and need lodging.
  5. Call the terminals often and speak to a real person not a recording for the most up to date information. Many times the recordings do not reflect the most current information. They usually know about 48-72 hours out what flights will be leaving. Ramstein, for us, has been the hardest to get out of. The people working the passenger list are not very accurate so re-check to make sure they show you marked as present. Also re-check the flight schedule. Spangdahlem has been wonderful. They are much smaller but they seem to really care. Spang is opening a new terminal in June should be really nice from what they told us.
  6. Have fun and good luck!


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