Horse Riding Lessons

Horseback riding lessons will not be hard to find in the Geilenkirchen area, but finding lessons in English could be difficult on the German side. Also be prepared that little children will most often not be allowed to take lessons. Many places begin at age 6.

Riding supply list: Proper riding attire is preferred by most places: riding helmet, boots, gloves, and riding pants. Young children often ride in their bicycle helmets, rubber rain boots, and jeans and this is OK at some places. Decathlon in Heerlen sells riding attire at more reasonable prices than some small local places.


Heinsberg just south of the city center
Tel: 02452-3556 (or 02452-13556)
Amira (instructor) – 0173-527-2362

Beautiful facility! Beautiful, healthy horses! English-speaking and friendly. Amira is young and speaks English well, but slowly. Speak slowly when calling. The owners are also very friendly and easy to work with. We loved this place!

Reitstall Leonhard Bahners
Moved to a location near Birgen.
Tel: 02452-3556
Cell: 0177-745-1700

“Wow. These lessons are excellent! Leo speaks mostly German, but teaches very well. His classes are amazing and his horses are absolutely beautiful, healthy, and well taken-care-of. There is a large room with windows where you can sit, relax, and observe the lessons indoors without disturbing the riders.
11 Euro/lesson”

Havert Stables
Owner and Teacher: Jan Vingerhoets
Sandkoul 6 52538, Selfkant-Havert Germany
Cost of 20 euros per hour is for private lessons.

“He speaks great English, Dutch, German and French (perhaps other languages also). Fantastic with both adults and children. Takes beginners and experienced. He currently has a 3-year-old student.”

“I personally know several students who have gone to the Havert Stables and have loved their time there and have become very accomplished riders.”

“Havert is a great place to ride and Jan will start the kids younger than a lot of people. My 4-year-old and I both ride there and we love it! The horses are super safe and Jan us very knowledgable.”

Islandpferdereitschule Frilinghoven
Monika Storms-Limbach & Franz Storms
Frilinghoven 3352525 Waldfeucht
Tel.: 02455/3987822Fax: 02455/930393

Offers summer riding camps – 5 day programs and regular lessons.

Hensgens Horsestable
Tanja u. Hubert Hensgens
Address: In der Mulde 22
Ubach-Palenberg 52531
Tel: 0176-24548821

We took lessons for a year here, but left when they became unreliable. Benefits: Inexpensive lessons and close proximity to the base. Draw-backs: Lessons often canceled without warning, inconsistent teaching. Temperamental horses that bite and kick.



Manege Galop
Tunnelweg 1
6372 Xh Landgraaf
Tel:- 045 546 1872

Lessons offered in English. Cost 9-11 Euros for an hour lesson.

Manege Brunssum
Ouverbergstraat 2-4
6445 CR Brunssum
Tel: 045-5273714

**Recommended from a friend who rode there a lot. Her children took lessons there also.

Manege Ten Eysden

Ten Eysden 1,
Tel: 046 5743210

Hours: Mon-Fri 0730 – 2300; Sat 0730 – 1900 and Sun 0800 – 1800

This place has a “fan” blog at:

Het Rijpaard B.V.
Broekweg 2
Tel: 045 5274377

There is no website for Het Rijpaard, but there are a lot of references to it online. It does have a cafe, so it would be easy to drive over, have a coffee, and check out the stables.

Houben Manege
Thull 8-B
Tel: 046-443-1017

*A friend takes her daughter here for lessons. She loves that it’s close to Schinnen and they speak English well.

More information on Horses and Riding where you may be stationed:

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  1. Kimberly May 27, 2012 3:26 am #

    You are awesome. We’ll be there in 2 1/2 weeks and I can’t sit to start riding again. I figure I’m old enough to pay attention to dressage now lol. Sd to hear my 4 1/2 year may not get to ride, I was looking forward to starting her. Alas, at least I know I won’t have any problems finding somewhere to ride over there. WOOT! Nothing better than being 30 min away from the horse capital of the world!

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    We just couldnt leave your website before letting you know that we really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors… Will be back soon to check up on new stuff you post!


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