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A fan of healthy organic foods? You won’t be without them here. Most German grocery stores have small sections of organic foods near the produce section and on the Netherlands side, you can find a good selection of organic foods at Albert Heijn as well as the two large weekly markets in the area.

Sittard’s Organic Market:
Held outdoors every Saturday, this market has fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses and breads, and bakery items. It is NOT located where the regular market is, but does have ample parking near it.

Biologische Boerenmarkt Sittard
6131 BB Sittard
Hours: Saturday 1000-1700

Maastricht’s Organic Market:

Biologische Boerenmarkt Maastricht
6221 BM Maastricht
Open: Thursdays 1300-1830

There are 35 organic markets in The Netherlands and many restaurants that cook with organic foods as well. You can find them all at: http://www.biologica.nl/eko-gids/ Click on “Boerenmarkten” for the markets or the “Restaurants” link under the “Biologisch uit eten” section. They even have mostly and all organic restaurants!

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