Food and Beauty in Aachen

Cafe Liege

Aachen Stores:

Missio Haus
Anton-Kurze-Allee 4

Mayerschen Buchhandlung
Buchkremerstraße 1-7

Marktplatz 5

Don’t be put off by the photo… this is one that I decorated. Theirs look much better. The point is that the cake at Cafe Liege are made by Belgian chefs who make cakes their way and with 1/3 less sugar than the German cakes. Not only beautiful, but these cakes are absolutely delicious. It’s true that you’ll want another piece. They have several cafes in Aachen and franchises in other towns that you can discover on their website. They also cater and do special orders.

Malu Wilz

This is a store that any woman who likes makeup will absolutely flip for. Malu Wilz has created her own product line full of color, a fantastic skin car line, and products that can camouflage as well. The ladies who work there are very friendly and speak English well too. It is definitely worth stopping by. Malu just won an international lifetime achievement award in her field, so if you happen to meet her, you are kind of meeting a celebrity!

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  1. TDY Widow April 12, 2008 9:44 am #

    Thank you, Suzanne. This blog has been fun for me. I do hope for more contributions as I can’t do everything and really don’t eat out enough to do many restaurant reviews… so please add your 2 cents too!

    I really appreciate your comments and am glad that this blog is useful for people.

  2. suzielarose April 12, 2008 5:36 am #

    Amazed by all the information and advice that are posted here. I really enjoy your blog and your writing style. Suzanne

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