Thai Garden – Sittard

Located within walking distance of the market square in Sittard is great Thai restaurant, the Thai Garden.

Thai Garden
Rijksweg Noord 8
6131 Sittard
Tel: 0031-046-451-7324

The restaurant: This place is small, yet popular. When we showed up tonight just after opening, we were the first ones there, but ours was the only table without a reserved sign on it. Soon, the entire place was packed. So, I recommend making a reservation in advance, especially on a weekend or if you have a group of more than 2 people. The atmosphere is nice though. It is clean and very simply decorated.

The food: I’ve eaten a lot of Thai and this ranks up there. The flavors are wonderful and the menu in Dutch and Thai offers an almost overwhelming list of choices. Do watch for the asterisks by the names. They will indicate spiciness. All our choices were delicious and the portions were generous enough that we could have split the entree almost and definitely split the dessert.

The known:
#1 – The lumpia were delicious. Highly recommended.
#4 – Breaded prawns (garnelen in Dutch) – very good.

#57 Pad Thai Kung – a absolutely delicious serving of Pad Thai with giant prawns. The noodles were delicious and the flavors balanced well. This dish is not spicy, but packed with flavor. I highly recommend it and would order it again – soon. Oh… and a warning: the little slice of red pepper on top of the pile of noodles is not a red bell pepper, so don’t pop it into your mouth and chomp down on it unless you like fiery things. Hot!
#144 Panang neua – beef served in a coconut milk, curry broth with rice on the side. Delicious and just a little spicy.

#11 – Pol lai roomijs – really light coconut ice cream served over fresh fruit with a light raspberry sauce. Delicious.

The service: Wonderful! The staff were attentive and courteous, willing to help us with the Dutch we didn’t understand, and quick to help without hovering.

The prices: Mid-range. Face it… nothing here is cheap with the exchange rate as it is, so if you are going out for a nice dinner, you will pay. This place is actually pretty comparable with other restaurants in the area especially if you take into account the quality of the food and the generous portions. Appetizers are in the 4-6 range. Main courses are between 12 and 16 for most. Desserts are around 5. Beverages are not overpriced.

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