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Noted for the creativity and selection of flavors, especially the wasabi chocolates, the Chocolate Company can sweeten your day whether you’re headed to Aachen or Maastricht. All their locations can be found on their website and yes, they are open on Sundays too!

YUM! I’ve had chocolate spoons before, but never like this! Check out the flavor assortments. These would make wonderful gifts for teachers, family, and friends back home!


Note: I have now personally been to the Aachen store (just up from the big toy store) and can attest that the chocolates are beautiful and the flavor selections worth a stop. A great place for gifts! Plus, though I was on the run, the espresso machine was inviting and the desserts in the front window – Wow. Amazing, beautiful, artistic genius in cake form. Plus, they have really cute French tables. Yes, I tried to buy one. Nope, they’re not for sale. At least I can console myself with chocolate.

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  1. TDY Widow June 23, 2009 6:32 am #

    Bagels and Beans serves (and sells upon request) two flavors of chocolate spoons – good Belgian chocolate chunks on sticks to stir into cocoa. If you let her know ahead of time, she can have exactly what you need in stock.

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