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As I haven’t actually PCS’d yet, I am clearly not an expert in this area, BUT, it is important to attack as things go very differently here and it can be a complicated process. So, let’s open this up to your ideas/comments/etc… and hopefully, at the end of it all, we’ll have a decent resource here for folks. Here’s a start:

Leaving this area:

  • Before you leave, you have to cancel your phone, internet and cell phone coverage in writing. Even if your phone and internet services are with the same company, do BE SPECIFIC in your letter that you are canceling BOTH services or you may continue paying long after you’ve moved.

Outside Assistance:
For assistance with the move here, Easy Stay Germany can write letters to the German companies for you terminating your accounts. Jennifer understands the process and can be very helpful in making it go smoothly. http://easystaygermany.com/

Looking forward to your next location:


Your experiences:

“I went to cancel cell phone coverage 2 months before the contract was to expire as my daughter was going off to college. However, they had already automatically renewed it for another 12 months. They consented to terminating it 6 months later.

Additionally, a gentleman that I worked with wrote the letter to cancel my Deutsch Telekom service. I thought everything was taken care of, but when I returned from the states after doing my retirement stuff and visiting folks, I discovered that I was still being charged for internet service! I called DT several times, had German speaking people call and even went to Heinsburg and had the guy from the T-Com store write and fax a cancellation letter. According to DT, the letter only cancelled my phone service, not my internet service. I was obligated to pay for about 3 months during which time I didn’t have/need/want their service because of the error. Although I moved out of my house in May 07, I didn’t get notification that it was cancelled and I didn’t owe anything until Jan 08!

Definitely plan ahead and start early. Keep copies of your letters and bills – you may need them.”

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