Denmark – Vejle, Odense, Koge, Copenhagen, Helsingborg

Courtesy of the American Spouses of Brunssum Travel Information Guide


“Place: Denmark, both near Copenhagen and on the main land area as well.

Time of year: June, just after school ended, we had beautiful weather although expect to have some rain typically.

Route: I used map-quest. We went up through Hamburg and north driving to the mainland of Denmark. If you just plan to go to Copenhagen you can drive to Puttgarden and take the ferry to Zeeland. Plan on 8-10 hours depending on where you drive to.


We arrived in Vejle for our first night after about an 8 hour drive. We rented a B&B apartment. This was nice as we had lots of space. I used the following web site to look for places . We were able to rent this for 550 dk per night which was approximately 90 dollars. We stayed here one night and then again later in the week.

Our first day in Denmark we traveled to Odense, home of Hans Christian Anderson. We went direct to the tourist information office to see what we should do. We ended up at the museum there where they have a show highlighting all the different stories he wrote. It is translated briefly in English, but you have to listen. If you know some of his stories you can figure out which ones they are portraying. After the show we went into the kids’ portion of the museum where they get to dress up and go on a hunt with activities to do throughout. The kids really enjoyed this museum.

We decided after that to head out, although there are some other attractions to visit in Odense, there was a castle I really wanted to get to. We went south and stopped at Egeskov Castle. This is a very picturesque castle and grounds. On the grounds of the castle are several different museums and very large play ground, maze and of course the castle itself. You could easily spend most of the day there. At the end of the day we headed to Koge (near Copenhagen).

Arrived at our next B&B (, again we found one that we could rent a cottage to ourselves. It was adorable, much of it built in the late 1600s. The owners were great as well and it was very convenient, 200 m to town, train station and grocery store. We stayed here for 3 nights while we explored Copenhagen and surroundings. Day 2 we got up and took the train into Copenhagen, very easy and not too expensive. We mainly took in the sights. I would recommend researching a bit to see what you really want to see. We opted for the canal boat tour, where you can get off and on, at many of the major sights. It is very easy to get around and small enough to manage on foot too. The kids enjoyed the boat. We ended the day at Wax Museum and Tivoli gardens. Tivoli is a must with kids, you pay your entrance and then can purchase the arm bands so they can ride as many rides as they want, which my kids did. We stayed until 9:30 or so and took the train back to Koge.

Day 3 we took the train to Helsingor ( Kronberg castle is there and was the model used in Shakespeare’s Elsinor). We decided to take the ferry and go to Sweden although there is a lot you can do in that area of Denmark (additional castles to see and other sights). The ferry was about 20 minutes and we were Helsingborg, Sweden. We walked up to the fortress at the top of the hill and my mom scoped out antiques. We did find one shop that she purchased some items in and found prices to be fairly reasonable.

Day 4 we spent the morning walking through the market and shops of Koge and then we were off to Viking Museum in Roskilde. This was pretty cool for the kids, we had a chance to be the crew of a Viking ship but the wind picked up too much and we were unable to do so. There were replicas as well as remains of old ships, an area for them to dress up in Viking garb, crafts they could make and there were demonstrations. We went back to Vejle this night.

Day 5 we went to a safari zoo park near Vejle. On the way we stopped in Jelling to see the rune stones. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Jelling was the royal capital of King Gorm who died in 950s. Once we saw that we headed to the safari park. I had planned to only spend a few hours there and then go further to the coast but…. It was such a neat place we stayed all day. This is a zoo/safari park that part of the time you walk and part you drive. The kids loved all of the animals and seeing them up close. We ended the day at the beach near Vejle on the Fjord. They were celebrating the longest day of the year and had music and bonfires. Lego land is also nearby if you stay in Vejle. However, we did not plan to go on this trip.

Day 6 Our last, we spent in Ribe, the oldest city in Denmark and very quaint. The one regret was we did not go to the Viking Center. I would definitely plan to do that if you go to Ribe. We spent some time walking around the town, bought a few more antiques from a shop on the main walking street and then it was time to think about driving back to the Netherlands. We stopped at the Marine Center on the way out of town, would not recommend that as there really was not much there. I would recommend if you have the time exploring more of this coastal area. Romo is supposed to be nice and Ejsberg further up the coast.

All in all it was a wonderful trip. The kids enjoyed everything we did so there was no complaining or melt downs along the way. If you have younger children (under 4) you may want to research a bit more some of the places and of course if you have teens, let them pick out some things to do. I found the food to be a bit expensive so plan for that if you are staying in hotels or places that you can’t cook. We had kitchens in both of the B&B’s we stayed in and that helped. Carry water and drinks with you if possible. We used the cash machine once we got into Denmark, some places in Copenhagen did take euros but for the most part you needed Danish Kroners.”


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