Cafe zum Moren

Note: At some point in the not horribly far future, I will add a photo to this post. For now, I am still moving between two computers which has left my photos all floating around somewhere in the Twilight Zone. Alas, if I can’t find a good photo, I may just have to go back, right?

Cafe Zum Mohren
Hof 4; Aachen
Open: 1000-2000 Mon – Sunday except New Year’s Eve and Day, Christmas, and Easter.

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum… you get the picture. Starbucks is known and reliable. Cafe Middleburg serves delicious lunches and has my next birthday cake, but this place definitely has it’s niche in my cafe line-up.

This place puts Starbucks to shame. Where in most German bakery/Cafe’s, you’ll have the traditional 5 coffee options, here you’ll find 41 coffee options on the menu some traditional, some with syrups, some with liqueurs, and others with ice cream. Not only coffee, you can also choose from 20+ different hot chocolate options, 15+ tea options, Gluehwein, Grog, and all the normal sodas and juices (oh, and beer… can’t forget that!). So, you really got the drinks covered here. And they are good. Very good.

For munchies, this is a challenge. Again – choices – and they’re good. The problem will be timing. You can’t go in at 0900 and get a hot slice of quiche no matter how good it sounds. For savories, you have to wait until 11. But, Cafe Moren, set in a beautiful white 350 year-old building does have a HUGE ice cream menu, a great selection of Belgian cake specialties, Brataepfels, and delicious apple strudel, Reisfladen (an Aachen specialty – delicious with cherries and whipped cream), and several other cakes including ice cream cakes made to order.

The prices? Good. Two of use had fancy coffees and generous slices of desserts for just less than 12Euro.

How to get there? Face the Rathaus, then take the street to the left that starts down the hill towards the Dom. Veer to the right, then take the second street on the left. It should lead you to a small open square near the Covent museum. The Cafe is in an old white building on your left as you enter the square. If that fails, ask someone or take a walk with your GPS.

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