Jabusch Hotel and Restaurant – Geilenkirchen

In the small Geilenkirchen market square just next to the fountain and in front of the old church is a nice little restaurant – the Jabusch. I don’t know anything about the hotel facilities, but I’ve been there several times for lunch now and it’s always delicious.

I appreciate that they have a daily “schnell” or quick plate that you can get without waiting an hour. These lunch specials are usually around 5 Euros and the portions are enough to fill you. One of my favorites is the Mettwurst mit Gruenkohl – a flavorful sausage served with a delicious green cabbage/leafy greens mix and creamy mashed potatoes.

The room was smokey once, but smoke free since and there is now a no-smoking sign up, so it shouldn’t be a problem (all restaurants will be smoke free in Germany after July of this year anyway).

If you are in GK and need a quick German meal that will fill you up – true comfort food, go to Jabusch.

Jabusch Hotel and Restaurant
Am Markt 3; Geilenkirchen
Tel: 02451-2725
Email: hotel.jabusch@t-online.de
Web: www.hotel-jabusch.de

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