Children’s Classes in Aachen

Now I find it.

One of the big things that I’ve missed here is what seems to be a lack of variety and availability of classes for children. Yeah, there’s some dance, music at the school, and riding lessons here and there, but I miss the art, the theater, and the other cultural experiences that we can involve our kids in back home.

The Germans have it – all of it. And, it’s not that far. The glitch is that you have to be a little brave and try to speak a little of the language or get someone to help and, your children may just have to figure things out too. But, what an amazing experience! They’ll have fun, learn, and meet some new kids. Plus, most Germans do know some English and can use it when they have to.

The point? I found a website that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed perusing. You’ll find some treasures in the form of opportunities here.

Kunst means craft/art.
Tanz is dance and there are some fantastic looking dance schools there!

Also… (and partly what led me here):

On Sunday, March 2 from 1100-1800, there will also be free admission and special activities planned for children at both the Couven Museum and the Internationales Zeitungsmuseum (Newspaper museum).

Couven MuseumHuehnermarkt 17; Aachen
Tel: 0241-432-4421

IZM Internationales Zeitungsmuseum — Pontstrasse 13; Aachen

Tel: 0241-432-4508

Aachen Museums on the Web:

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