Carnival Costumes

Carnival is here… are you ready? Don’t be shy. Carnival has nothing to do with being conservative or staying in your comfort zone. The craziest costume, the better, so forget about wearing a baseball jersey and going as your favorite sports hero. That is not going to work. Have fun with it and pretend you’re a kid again!

Don’t know where to shop? Scroll down for a list of some fun shops and let your imagination go wild.


In Heerlen:

Der Karnevalswierts
Winkelcentrum ‘t Loon
Homerusplein 11
NL-6411 AW Heerlen
Tel: 0031-45-5606111
*Huge store and amazing selection! Right by the T’Loon shopping mall in Heerlen.
Hendriks Karneval
Schelsberg 88, Heerlen
*I have not been to this one personally, but it was recommended by a local friend who says that their prices are reasonable.

In Heinsburg:

Der Karnevalsshop Churmann
City Center Heinsberg Gallerie
East Promenade 103
Tel: 0175-648-3751
Open: M-F 0900-2000, Sat 0900-1600

In Sittard:

Lillian Ubachs Karnaval
Markt 34, Sittard
Tel: 0031-46-4512046
*Small shop, but packed with costumes and great wigs!
** Discounts for large groups!
*** Open Sundays from 12-5 during the Carneval season
Hendriks Karneval
Rijksweg Noord 22, Sittard


2 Responses to “Carnival Costumes”

  1. TDY Widow January 21, 2008 8:59 pm #

    If you’re going to a party, then you definitely want to wear a costume. If you’re just watching a parade, costumes are fun, but not necessary. Women’s day isn’t just for women, but it’s generally just for adults. On women’s day, the women kind of take control and can do “anything” they want. One of the traditions is for them to take a man’s tie. They can just walk right up to a man and cut off his tie. Most men, knowing this, will wear really strange ties. Definitely not for kids – just imagine a bunch of crazy drunk women running around cutting off ties! Don’t worry – you can leave you house. You won’t have crazy women running around the streets of your village. But, if you head to a local town center and they are having a party, there will be beer, music, and a lot of celebrating that you probably don’t want to expose your kids to.

  2. Jennifer January 21, 2008 6:59 pm #

    Are costumes worn at all the events? Are the women’s days just for women, or is it okay to take children?

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