Cafe Louis – Heinsburg

The fact that there is no photo with this post is testament to the great desserts that come from Cafe Louis. I tried pieces of 4 different flavors of cake and enjoyed them so much that I never even thought of taking a picture. And, I’m not the only one. I saw guests walk by with 4 desserts or more, take them to their tables, and devour them completely.

Cafe Louis provided the dozens of cakes, pastries, and donuts that were enjoyed at the CSA Carnival party at the Officer’s Club on Friday night. The variety was amazing and the flavor was as good as it gets. If you like chocolate, you’ll enjoy their chocolate mousse cake, but from fruit, to cream cakes, berliners and apple krapfen, it’s all delicious – delicious enough to drive to Heinsburg just for a large slice of cake.

Cafe Louis
Conditorei and Partyservice
Stiftstrasse 15-17; Heinsburg 52525
Tel: 02452-2828

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